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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

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Intellectual momentum. Get back inside! By Rob Brezsny - September 19, 0. During this pregnant pause, the sun seems to hover directly Read more. By Rob Brezsny - August 8, 0. I could By Rob Brezsny - July 18, 0. If there is any comparable situation in your own life, Gemini, now would be a perfect time to heed my tip.

Give up your attachment to the negative emotions that arose in response to past frustrations and failures. Focus on the future. Even now, bewildering self-doubts are working their way up toward your conscious awareness from your unconscious depths. You may already be overreacting in anticipation of the anxiety-provoking fantasies that are coalescing.

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But wait! It doesn't have to be that way.

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I'm here to tell you that the bewildering self-doubts and anxiety-provoking fantasies are at most ten percent accurate. They're not even close to being half-true! Here's my advice: Do NOT go with the flow, because the flow will drag you down into ignominious habit.

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Resist all tendencies towards superstition, moodiness, and melodramatic descents into hell. One thing you can do to help accomplish this brave uprising is to sing beloved songs with maximum feeling. LEO July Aug. By tapping into the uncanny powers of 55 and 88, you can escape the temptation of a hexed fiction and break the spell of a mediocre addiction. These catalytic codes could wake you up to a useful secret you've been blind to.

They might help you catch the attention of familiar strangers or shrink one of your dangerous angers. When you call on 55 or 88 for inspiration, you may be motivated to seek a more dynamic accomplishment beyond your comfortable success.

March 29-April 4: Astrological Gestalt

You could reactivate an important desire that has been dormant. What is the higher purpose that lies beneath every one of your daily activities? What is the heroic identity you were born to create but have not yet fully embodied? You may not be close to knowing the answers to those questions right now, Virgo. In fact, I'm guessing your fear of meaninglessness might be at a peak. Luckily, a big bolt of meaningfulness is right around the corner. Be alert for it. In a metaphorical sense, it will arrive from the depths.

It will strengthen your center of gravity as it reveals lucid answers to the questions I posed in the beginning of this horoscope.