Indira gandhi birthday and astrological chart

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Indira Gandhi's Childhood : An Astrological Study

Love Problem Solution Astrologer. Links not working. My carrer. My Marriage. The transit of Venus:.


Venus is very strong in natal chart with 6 benefic points and posited in the kakshya of Moon, which is one of the contributors of these points. Venus is very strong Shadbal-wise also. Venus being significator planet of 7th house and the spouse, the quality of married life of the native had to be very good, whatever the span of married life was. But being the 11th lord it has become malefic. Mercury is not one of the contributor of these points. Now count its position in transit from Kakshya lord's position in natal chart Scorpio.

Venus, the significator of conjugal bliss, was in 8th house Gemini which is significator of marital status of a woman, invoking negative significances of this house due to its transit position explained above.

Remembering Indira Gandhi on her 101st Birthday - India's 1st Female PM - Facts for RRB, SSC & Bank

All five malefics were in "Evil" Nakshatras:. Ashtakvarga method prescribes a system in which Sarvaashtak totals of various signs are summed from Ascendant to the position of malefics in natal chart both signs included. The remainder shows the asterism from Ashwini , which itself or its trines, when transited by malefics brings misfortune and other afflictions to the native.

Applying the above mentioned method, we get the following results:. Sun was transiting Krittika at that moment. Rahu was transiting Poorvashadha. Ketu was transiting Punarvasu. All the five malefics were transiting simultaneously in such Nakshatras which according to Ashtakvarga principles would have brought misfortune to the native, even singly.

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An unimaginable situation really. Remember, Mercury is a malefic for Cancer Ascendant being the 3rd lord, and in this horoscope, also associated with two natural malefics, Sun and Ketu. The "South-East" direction was most inauspicious to her:. The distribution of strength among eight directions; reckoned from Sarvaashtakvarga and the cardinal directions of planets; in Sonia's horoscope; as per fixed Zodiac system Sthirachakra applied in "Prashnamarga", is as follows:.

Sriperumbudur, where Rajiv died and Sri Lanka where from the assailants hailed, both are in exactly South-East of her place of residence New Delhi.

Birth Chart Indira Gandhi (Scorpio) - Zodiac Sign Astrology

It was transiting the 3rd house House of sorrows on the fateful day, if counted from the natal self. Therefore the loss of spouse due to explosives in South-East direction was quite indicative in her horoscope during an inauspicious period. The next inauspicious direction for her is North-West where the Punjab is situated. The horary principles and the event :.

As per horary astrology principles, Saturn has dark complexion, stiff hairs, large teeth, windy temperament and cruel nature.

Indira Gandhi (Scorpio)

Dhanu, and you will find a striking similarity in her personality with above description. The assassination was in 'South' and on the 'Earth'. Saturn's transit in Capricorn and Mars's transit in Cancer ensured that assassination took place at low lying area near the Sea Sriperumbudur is at sea level. Get read your astrological signatures by Shyam. Rajiv Gandhi , the former prime minister of India, died on 21st May Tuesday in a bomb explosion at Sriperumbudur near Madras in Tamilnadu, when a human bomb Ms. Sonia Gandhi's horoscope : Her birth data, as available to the author, is as follows: Also read a Vedic numerology based article showing astrological connection between Rajiv Gandhi's horoscope and the names of his assassins.

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About us. Distinguished clients. Daily Horoscope. Here I also want to emphasize that nothing on this planet happens just like that but there is a reason behind it which most of us will never know.

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This is the fact which prompted me to see her horoscope and her future potential. We are living in an age where every party wants to destroy and defeat the BJP and Narendra Modi, the elected prime minister of India. Congress has always been and is a party of flattery chamchagiri ; the more you do it the more you are promoted. This is not my opinion but things regarding have been coming in the media for long now.

Astrological Highlights

There are many stories in the media to support this. The politics of present India has become worst than ever before where every political party and politician is hell bent to make money, defeat Modi, divide the nation on all available basis. Let us now come back to the topic of Priyanka Gandhi. Weekly Horoscope. The current antara is of Saturn till