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By expressing and emphasizing your dedication, practicality, work ethic. Sharing, or taking interest in, daily routines and activities, performing services or little chores for a lover. You feel quite loving and warm, with a desire to give and receive affection and appreciation. Also, your desire for beauty stimulates your creativity. If you are artistic, your work will be particularly inspired now. Indulging in your desire for beauty or luxury is likely at this time. This is a very positive time in your marriage or closest one-to-one relationships. Your need to be together and to share loving feelings is very strong.

You want to give to your friends and loved ones and may spend generously in order to make them happy. You may also meet someone now who is very good for you.

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Could be through a consultation or meeting, however. By expressing and emphasizing your diplomatic, tactful, compromising skills. Expressing a harmonious, cooperative, and pleasing manner. This is perhaps the most favorable time of the year to enhance an existing relationship. You are disinclined to stir up trouble or cause unpleasantness of any kind at the moment. This time of the phase also looks like a very average period for love and other relationships to flourish and thus attention is required in these matters as well.

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You may have to put in constant attempts to make sure that the core of the relationship is in place and that there is no hardship involved whatsoever. The good news is that your partner will always stay with you, to support you through your thick and thins, this year. She will be your source of encouragement and a friend in need, who will aid you in your personal as well as professional life, in accordance with the Gemini horoscope. This seems to be the best time to confess your love for someone, as the time will serve you the best and benefit you in making the right decisions, related to relationships.

Along with being in a new association, you will also share a great bonding with the existing relationships that you have, making you all the more closer to them as per Gemini in Another element to be taken into consideration is your behavior towards other people, in general. It is necessary to be polite and gentle while communicating with others, and this has to be taken care of at the earliest, as stated by Gemini horoscope.

Sta- bility is very important to you, and you need to be with someone who not only attracts you physically, but also shares your interests and goals. Knowing that you can count on your mate through good times and bad is really what makes a relationship work for you. Bet ween the Sheets Since frivolous lings hold little appeal, you have the patience to wait for the lover who its into your life plans. Once you ind your true love, your determined approach leaves little doubt about your intentions. The roman- tic side of you responds to beautiful surroundings and a pleasant, graceful atmosphere in which to make love.

While you keep your passionate sexual impulses under wraps in public situations, you display your true nature as a lusty sexual partner in the privacy of the bedroom. Although you can be cuddly and affectionate at times, you may also appear cool and somewhat controlling at other times. T i p s f o r Yo u r I d e a l L o v e r Your earthy sensuality grows richer over time, and your appetite for sexual pleasure tends to increase as you grow older. What you really want is an intimate union that takes you to a higher place physically, intellectually, and spiritually.

Rejection cuts you to the core, and when things go wrong, you are easily discouraged. Consequently, you would rather be alone than involved with the wrong person. Bet ween the Sheets Despite your strong sex drive, you are an extremely private person. Getting past your protective armor may take some time; but once it is breached, your latent desire quickly grows into a torrent of passion. You take great pride in your sexual prowess. So once your juices get lowing, your lucky partner is in for a night of ardent lovemaking. When you unleash your innate eroticism, it is dificult to go back to acting controlled and reserved.

Even so, you have a way of directing every situation without appear- ing to be in control, and you never quite let go completely. The slow-moving, patient lover knows how to ease you into a state of relaxed sensuality with sweet talk and highly erotic foreplay. You take relationships as seriously as other aspects of your life.

Although you proceed with caution, you are a loving and devoted partner once you are committed. Bet ween the Sheets For you, the ideal intimate union is built on mutual commitment and common goals. Your sexuality may express itself as hot or cold, depending on what is going on outside the bedroom. Since you are something of a workaholic, busi- ness often comes irst. However, when you do make time for lovemaking, you give it your undivided attention, and you need a bed partner who can match your strong desires. Earthy and sensuous, you enjoy pleasing and pampering your lover in bed, but you expect similar attention in return.

You regard true intimacy as a profound and deeply emotional experience, and the passion you feel for your beloved is likely to grow stronger through the years. T i p s f o r Yo u r I d e a l L o v e r You are attracted to simmering sexual passion, and the bedmate who can pro- vide a bit of spice and the occasional spontaneous moment of unbridled lust turns you on. Since you enjoy comfort and luxury, you ind it easier to unwind in well-appointed, sumptuous surroundings.

More sensitive and imaginative than you initially appear, you tend to believe in ideals like true love and happily ever after. Of course, you are also highly responsible; when you make a commitment, you keep it. Moreover, unlike some members of your Sun sign, you know when to let your hair down and have fun. Bet ween the Sheets You may come off as the strong, silent type at irst because of a tendency to hide your restless emotions behind a serene exterior.

However, once smitten, you indulge your truly romantic nature. The merging of your sensuality and passion with your natural empathy and creativity makes you an ardent and considerate lover. You view sex as a sacred expression of love, and you thrive with a mate who shares your views. A romantic courtship stirs your libido, and play and fantasy enhance your lovemaking. When your mind and imagination are stimulated, your body swiftly follows. A romantic atmosphere with music and scented candles gets your attention, and slow tantalizing foreplay with lots of touch- ing, stroking, and provocative conversation brings out the sexy beast within.

Consequently, you are not the easiest person to live with. Although cool on the surface, you are a true romantic. Naturally competitive, you view an intimate relationship as a challenge; no matter how much trouble love brings, you never lose your taste for it. When things go wrong, you simply shake off the past and begin again. Bet ween the Sheets In your mind, sex, love, and security go together, and casual affairs tend to leave you cold.

In the bedroom, you are an amorous lover with a liking for uninhibited fun. Delightfully open to suggestion and experimenta- tion, you have a lusty appetite for slightly naughty sexual adventures. Public displays are not your style; you prefer expressing your devotion in private.

However, stolen intimacy in risky places stimulates your desire for lovemak- ing. When the mood is upon you, you woo your mate with passionate deter- mination. For you, a relationship thrives on trust, and the more risks you take together, the closer you feel to your companion. T i p s f o r Yo u r I d e a l L o v e r You blossom with a partner who feeds your ego by complimenting your allure and sexual prowess. Your idea of true partnership is a union that functions on all levels. You enjoy engaging in stimulating conversations and sharing common interests with your beloved.

Still there is no question that chemistry matters, and your chosen mate must stimulate your body along with your mind. Bet ween the Sheets You regard sex as a sacred expression of love, and you do best with a mate who has similar feelings. You are especially proud of your prowess and the amazing sexual stamina that allows you to go all night long when you feel so inclined. Although you are a roman- tic idealist when it comes to relationships, your love of pleasure and luxury draws you to a partner who shares your taste for a lavish lifestyle.

With your responsible attitude toward love relationships, the idea of a lasting union and growing old with your spouse holds tremendous appeal for you. T i p s f o r Yo u r I d e a l L o v e r You like playing out shared sexual fantasies as a means of reaching new heights of ecstasy. Sometimes you enjoy being the aggressor, but at other times you prefer being seduced. A lover with a creative streak turns you on; although you enjoy experimentation, you may have qualms about suggesting it. As a result, others know how independent you are and how much you like to have fun, but few realize just how loving you can be.

Although you believe in true love, you realize that sexual compatibility is an essential dimension to any romantic union. In a secure relationship, you feel totally free to express the passionate intensity you feel for your mate. You like conversing with your beloved and enjoy sharing common pursuits and inter- ests. Easily bored by routine and repetition, you like to keep your romance fresh and exciting with spicy innovations.

You do best with a curious, imaginative, uninhibited bed partner who makes you feel sexy and desirable. Besides, a passionate sex life keeps you feeling happy and rejuvenated. You are turned on big-time by talking to your lover about your preferences and then exploring them together without embarrassment or reservation.

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You thrive in a relationship that gives full range to your sexuality. Family oriented and driven by responsibility, you need a supportive life partner who not only helps you advance in your career, but also understands that in the privacy of the bedroom your lusty sexual appetite makes you a dedicated and passionate bedmate. Bet ween the Sheets Not one to engage in casual sex, you prefer to wait for the right partner. In the closeness of a permanent love union, the intensely sensual side of your nature emerges in all its glory.

Nevertheless, loss of control frightens you. Even in your most intimate moments, you like being irmly in control of yourself and the situation.

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It may take you a long time to learn to trust your spouse and even longer to be able to abandon yourself to the moment. You want to be able to take your time when making love, and being rushed or having other things on your mind can get you out of the mood. T i p s f o r Yo u r I d e a l L o v e r It may be a closely guarded secret, but you have a very rich fantasy life. Whatever your fan- tasy, you are turned on by the accommodating bed partner who helps fulill your erotic dreams.

Although you want a stable permanent relationship, it is important for you to be able to maintain a large measure of independence within the structure of a long-term union. Since friends play such an impor- tant role in your life, there is a good chance that a close friendship will eventu- ally turn into a lasting love affair. Bet ween the Sheets Open-mindedness and variety keep your union strong and growing over the long term.

For you, an intimate relationship is about both participants encouraging and supporting each other. To your way of thinking, a passionate sex life keeps love fresh and makes the pair of you feel happy and rejuvenated. Playful by nature, you make love with gusto. In fact, you can be quite adventurous and amorous when you let down your guard and allow your deeper sensuality and lusty appetite for pleasure to emerge. T i p s f o r Yo u r I d e a l L o v e r The lover who wants to please you and appeal to your sensuality might give you a full-body massage with aromatic oils.

A daring bed partner might engage you in an erotic game of hide-and-seek by candlelight, with the understanding that the one who wins decides what happens next. Accomplishing something important in life before you settle down is probably high on your list of things to do. Even so, once you ind your true love, you tend to put your relationships and family life ahead of career plans. Bet ween the Sheets You are a tender, romantic lover who continues to improve with age and experience. Discriminating by nature, you want it all—passion, intellectual stimulation, and a long-term commitment—in every aspect of your life.

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  • If you appear cool and reserved in public, it is just a mask for your earthy sensual- ity. In private, you have a hearty appetite for physical pleasures, and you need a partner who also enjoys indulging in the good things—ine dining, good wine, and luxurious surroundings. Although you enjoy going out from time to time, you much prefer intimate nights at home where you and your mate can partake of your favorite creature comforts behind closed doors.

    T i p s f o r Yo u r I d e a l L o v e r The lover who knows how to stroke your ego with kind words and help you relax after a busy day scores points with you.

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    Lounging together in a scented spa, or sharing a bathtub surrounded by glowing candles, is a guaranteed turn-on. Even so, you often ind it dificult to express your emotions. While the physical side of sex is ine and you have no hesitation when it comes to lusty lovemaking, you may ind it eas- ier to show your deep and abiding affection with gifts rather than with words. Bet ween the Sheets Outside the bedroom, you place great emphasis on companionship; once inside, however, your lusty physical nature takes over. Deep communication below the surface is quite normal for you, and the psychic bond between you and your mate allows you to tune in to his or her needs and fulill them.

    You take great pride in your sexual prowess and enjoy basking in the adora- tion of a contented partner. T i p s f o r Yo u r I d e a l L o v e r The fastest way to your heart is through laughter, and a bit of humor can lift you out of your occasional dark, solitary moods. Appealing to your inherent sensuality with lingering kisses and witty, engaging conversation can bring you out of your shell and stimulate your latent desires. However, no one else is as faithful or reliable a mate or lover.

    While not outwardly romantic, you are deeply passionate beneath that restrained exterior and very much in need of affection. Highly sexed and swiftly aroused, you use a no-nonsense, direct approach. Whatever you may lack in romance and sweet talk, you more than make up in skill and sexual prowess. Thus the sanctuary of your bed- room becomes the setting for surprisingly sexy intimate encounters. Since endurance is your forte, you probably feel no need to rush things. Careful and methodical in everything you do, you tend to follow an established routine. Once you ind something that works, you prefer staying with it rather than exploring new territory.

    T i p s f o r Yo u r I d e a l L o v e r Spending time outdoors with your beloved gives you a way to recharge your batteries. Cultivating a luxurious, sensual atmosphere at home creates the space to relax and enjoy each other. An erotic massage energizes all the cells in your body and puts you in the mood for lovemaking. You want a lasting love union that is dynamic, exciting, stable, and secure.

    Knowing that you and your mate can count on each other is one of the things that make a loving relationship special and worthwhile. Bet ween the Sheets Although you are more tender and romantic than the typical goat, you can be just as controlling and demanding as any other Capricorn. Still, you are prepared to do whatever it takes to make your partner happy, even sacriicing your own interests if you deem it necessary. Atmosphere has a strong inluence on your mood, and you like to make love in a harmonious setting with candlelight and soft music.

    T i p s f o r Yo u r I d e a l L o v e r You respond with enthusiasm to the loving touch of a patient, thoughtful lover. Slow, sensuous foreplay opens all your senses to the erotic experience. Role-playing and fantasy games reveal your creativity and allow you and your bed partner to try new modes of sexual expression. Bet ween the Sheets Although reserved in public, your earthy sensuality quickly surfaces behind closed doors.

    You blend eager affection with a straightforward seduction tech- nique. It only takes a little roughhousing in the bedroom to bring out your inner sexy beast. Waking you for an encore during the wee hours of the morning makes for sensuous lovemaking. T i p s f o r Yo u r I d e a l L o v e r You respond amorously to massage, and your ideal mate knows how to use erotic touch to get you to relax and let down your guard.

    Since Capricorn rules the knees, gentle stroking behind the knees releases built-up daily ten- sion and starts all your sexual juices lowing. A secret romantic, you have a desperate need to be loved and understood. Bet ween the Sheets Even in intimate situations, you like being in charge. Moreover, you refuse to let anything or anyone distract you from your life goals.

    As a result, the inten- sity of your libido rises and falls depending on your workload. Love matters to you, but so does material success. You function better and feel happier with a life partner who understands your shifting moods and shares your interests and ideas. Beneath your restraint bubbles a smoldering sensuality; you crave the affection and emotional reassurance of a caring spouse. In the privacy of the bedroom, you are an ardent, sexy lover. Once your earthy passions are aroused, there is nothing reserved about your physical responses.

    T i p s f o r Yo u r I d e a l L o v e r The ideal lover seduces you from your intense dedication to work and respon- sibility by appealing to your innate sensuality. Since sex for you is an erotic feast for the senses, you respond amorously to aromatic massage oils, scented candles, decadent edible delicacies, and silky, luxurious fabrics. Even with your beloved, sex is not always the irst thing on your mind. Bet ween the Sheets The origins of your passion and sexual impulses tend to be more mental than physical or emotional.

    Consequently, you value companionship and friendship as much as physical union. In bed and out of it, you have a very low tolerance for boredom or routine. Spicy conversation tends to stimulate your sexual desire in ways that even the most erotic touch- ing may not accomplish. The more you talk about what you like to do or have done to you, the more excited you become.

    T i p s f o r Yo u r I d e a l L o v e r Just the idea of sexual experimentation ignites your curiosity and stirs your libido. Sensual enhancements such as toys and suggestive attire provide the spice that invariably turns you on. You enjoy engaging in verbal sparring with your lover, and sex talk adds fuel to your erotic ire. Although loyal and devoted to your friends and loved ones, you have dificulty depending on anyone but yourself.

    As a result, you may come off as emotionally detached, when this is really not the case at all. Still, intimacy is not your strong point, and you avoid wild displays of emotion. Bet ween the Sheets Even though you have a strong sex drive, you may try to repress or ignore your physical needs. Simultaneously fascinated and repelled by sexual impulses, you vacillate between strict self-discipline and a desire to throw caution to the wind. Nevertheless, when you stop trying to control and analyze your inclinations, and just give in to your lusty impulses, you make an enthusiastic, sensual lover.

    For you, physical stimulation begins in the imagination, and one of the most important ingredients in a successful coupling is your ability to share your thoughts and ideas along with your body. While sexual passion may be the best part of lovemaking, it never overshadows your need to estab- lish a mental connection with your lover. Nothing turns you off faster than an unimaginative lover. You enjoy surprising your bedmate and being surprised in return. An erotic massage with aromatic oils is a special treat. Bet ween the Sheets Even in your most intimate union, your irst connection is invariably a mental one.

    You view your bedmate as an individual, not as a sex object. Although sex is important to you, it is rarely uppermost in your mind. The idea of love and sex turns you on almost as much as the act itself. Your deep- est need is for a partner who is able to satisfy you intellectually as well as physically. T i p s f o r Yo u r I d e a l L o v e r Above all, you enjoy variety and excitement in bed, and if your love life gets really boring, you could decide to leave. Spontaneity and experimentation are the ultimate turn-ons. Naturally adventurous and decidedly unconventional, you like the thrill of trying new positions and discovering unusual places to make love.

    Consequently, your ideal mate is someone who is as busy and involved as you. Bet ween the Sheets In bed and out of it, you view a relationship as something that helps both peo- ple grow, and your partner must be a friend and companion as well as a lover. Above all, you enjoy sharing thoughts and ideas with your mate. Intellectual rapport and easy communication arouse your passions as readily as touching and stroking. Talking during lovemaking is natural to you, and erotic conver- sation engages your imagination and stimulates your sexual desire.

    Creating an atmosphere for lovemaking that includes candles and music appeals to your taste for romantic ritual. A skilled and generous bed partner, you merge innovation with tried-and-true techniques to create a satisfying sexual experi- ence for both of you. T i p s f o r Yo u r I d e a l L o v e r High-minded and rather serious, you thrive in the world of ideas. An intuitive lover realizes that a bit of lusty lovemaking brings you back to reality where you can enjoy the sensual pleasures that make life worth living.

    A believer in destiny, you expect to ind your soul mate and forge a permanent union. Commitment and security are important to you; you are seeking a relationship that lasts a lifetime. Bet ween the Sheets Good communication with your mate is important because you enjoy intel- lectual exchanges and clever repartee almost as much as lusty sexual con- tact.

    Sharing mutual interests is also necessary to build a happy life with your signiicant other. Physically, your libido blows hot and cold, and you can be wildly passionate one day, yet seemingly cool and disinterested the next. When the mood is upon you, you enjoy a spontaneous bedroom romp that is as whimsical and romantic as it is erotic and exciting. T i p s f o r Yo u r I d e a l L o v e r Your ideal bed partner is articulate and playfully adventurous and knows how to lighten your occasional dark moods with alluring, sexy banter.

    Always hun- gry for new experiences and eager to try novel things, you respond passion- ately to the innovative lover who avoids repetition and dull routine. Bet ween the Sheets While outwardly cool and controlled, you have a randy side that generally only shows itself behind closed doors. Since your sexuality is driven by your intellect, it depends more upon what you think than what you feel. As a result, you are seduced more readily by spicy sexual banter, or a sensual striptease than by actual physical contact.

    Within the security of a stable union, you feel free to experiment and explore your strong sexual needs, and you prefer a mate who is not afraid to try new things in the bedroom. T i p s f o r Yo u r I d e a l L o v e r Since work and responsibility are so important to you, you sometimes get so caught up in the practical considerations of everyday life that you forget about your love life altogether. However, it usually takes only a few sexy suggestions to spark your latent interest and get those juices lowing again. With your strong humanitarian and spiritual values, you are more inclined to base your relationships on ideals than on practical considerations.

    As a result, you may see prospective mates as you want them to be instead of as they really are. Slightly quirky, creative individuals hold more appeal for you as lovers than more conventional types. Bet ween the Sheets Intimate relationships bring out the contradictory aspects of your romantic nature; your physical inclinations send you one message and your rational mind sends another.

    Your astrological challenge is to ind a way to merge the disparate aspects of your character, so that you enjoy love to the fullest. Once you overcome your reservations, you throw yourself into lovemaking with breathtaking intensity. Although you may ind emotional demands restricting, you have few such qualms regarding physical demands.

    A seduction scene, with soft music and sexy apparel, is an effective way to get your motor going. The idea of exploring your sexual fantasies really appeals to you. You dream of escaping everyday reality through outrageous romantic encounters. As long as your mate or partner is agreeable, you will happily dress up for role-playing games or experiment with outlandish sexual positions. Bet ween the Sheets Your freewheeling nature may cause you to be rather reckless in intimate unions because you are intrigued by any relationship that offers lots of excite- ment. If the lovemaking gets too predictable, you will do whatever you can to shake it up a bit.

    Snuggling by the ireside appeals less to you than traveling or sharing an exciting adventure with your lover. You enjoy being the aggressive force in a game of seduction, and your ideal bedmate is a mental and physical sparring partner who chal- lenges your intellect and stimulates your body. T i p s f o r Yo u r I d e a l L o v e r Sex is fun and games for you, and clever, sexual banter ignites the lustier side of your nature. Although most water bearers are uncomfortable with too much intimacy, you want the sta- bility of a close relationship even more than freedom.

    People respond well to your friendly, gracious manner, and your vibrant personality attracts many friends and admirers. Bet ween the Sheets While you may be gregarious and open, you rarely rush into a physical union.

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    Although you can be rather elusive emotionally, your hearty appetite for sen- sory pleasure quickly overcomes your reservations. Your approach to sex is uncomplicated and direct, and you are energized by the presence of intel- ligence, cleverness, and wit. In fact, you tend to go back and forth between orgiastic delight in the physical sense and a need to establish a strong mental rapport with your mate. However, this duality in your love nature only adds spice to your union by keeping your lover guessing.

    You enjoy the delicious tension engendered by tantalizing foreplay, and languid caresses turn you on because your whole body is an erogenous zone. Your forte is communication, and you take great pride in your ability to get others to see things from your point of view. In love, your tendency is to view your romantic partner as a friend as well as a lover. Bet ween the Sheets You love trying new things, and your need for experimentation extends to your sex life. You are not overly concerned with traditional roles or expecta- tions, and your fondness for the unusual coupled with a penchant for sampling the unknown makes you an exciting lover.

    Emotionally, you can be somewhat detached, but you are extremely sensual and sexual. Alone with your beloved, you make an innovative, inventive bedmate. You have many interests, and you are always eager to hear about anything new and fascinating. You love sharing your ideas and experiences with your signiicant other; in bed or out of it, the easiest way to get your attention is to show interest in your current pet project. Your ideal partner shares your open-minded, carefree outlook and sense of adventure, and knows how to tickle your fancy with evocative conversation and erotic physical contact.

    You thrive in an intimate union built on trust and mutual respect, yet you need a witty, outgoing, upbeat partner who provides some balance to your rather serious approach to life. While you enjoy a little intellectual spar- ring, you want stimulating conversation, not willful battles of opposing ideas.

    Bet ween the Sheets Although outwardly cool, you are anything but detached when it comes to lovemaking. In the bedroom, you are a skillful lover who is always willing to learn new ways to please your mate. Your quicksilver mind leads to origi- nal, innovative moves, and relaxed moments open up your languid sensuality. Boldly conident in your sexual prowess and endurance, you feel no need to rush things and your partner can always depend on you to satisfy his or her needs. Typically, your movements are slow and sensual, and you enjoy draw- ing out the lovemaking in anticipation of a big inish.

    Even so, too much of the same old thing can be boring, and every once in a while you turn wild and crazy. T i p s f o r Yo u r I d e a l L o v e r Your ideal lover knows how to whet your appetite for the pleasures of physi- cal intimacy. Arousal often begins with provocative suggestion and sexy talk. Erotic foreplay and subtle teasing build sexual tension that stimulates your desires and heightens the ecstasy during lovemaking.

    You tackle problems and situations head-on, with little regard for either delicacy or tact. Bet ween the Sheets Naturally impulsive and rebellious in all life areas, you push the envelope of your ideas to the edge. When choosing a partner, you consider fun and companionship to be as important as sexual compatibility. Like most Aquar- ians, your thoughts tend to wander off into the stratosphere. During these times your libido may require a wake-up call.

    Once you get going, your approach in the bedroom is sensual, passionate, and direct. T i p s f o r Yo u r I d e a l L o v e r You thoroughly enjoy sex, and your lovemaking is imaginative, innovative, and inventive. Everything begins in the mind for you, and the idea of actu- ally exploring your most outrageous erotic fantasies is really appealing. When you are in an intimate relationship, you are even more idealistic than others of your Sun sign. If you seem emotionally elusive at irst, your inherent warmth always shines through.

    Bet ween the Sheets Although you consider life incomplete without a mate or partner, your care- free Aquarian spirit is uncomfortable with too much intimacy, and you tend to be cautious regarding long-term unions. As a result, your lovemaking style is full of enigmatic contradictions.

    More than anything, you bring fun and spon- taneity into the bedroom, and the unconventional side of your nature makes you a nimble explorer of erotic pleasures. While independence is important to you, you can remain happily faithful to the romantic partner who offers versatility and variety along with love and affection. T i p s f o r Yo u r I d e a l L o v e r You love to experiment in the kitchen and in the bedroom, and preparing and sharing a meal with your lover enhances your appetite for both food and sex.

    Using sweet treats to adorn your bodies during lovemaking creates a playfully innovative feast for all the senses. Although you want a permanent, long-lasting relationship, you dislike being tied down.


    The person who wants to spend a lifetime with you needs to be able to balance closeness and commitment with freedom and independence. Your best pairing com- bines intellectual rapport and sexual compatibility. Bet ween the Sheets In the bedroom and elsewhere, good times and shared laughter are important to you.

    However, what really attracts you is mental rapport. In fact, commu- nication and intellectual compatibility may matter more to you than hot sex. Since your mind is your most active erogenous zone, once you have made the mental connection, physical allure and attraction usually follow. Your sexual- ity is as unconventional as you are, and your curiosity and adventurous nature prompt you to explore all kinds of new territory.

    You love surprises and nov- elty, and unpredictability and spontaneity are the spices that keep your juices lowing. Above all, you enjoy lively verbal sparring and sexy talk adds erotic fuel to your inner ire. T i p s f o r Yo u r I d e a l L o v e r The best way for your lover to please you is to continuously change your love- making routine.

    You like doing things that are different and an unexpected romantic rendezvous in an unusual place is a guaranteed turn-on. In close relationships, you rarely act the way people expect. Although you dislike having others tell you what to do, you can be quite criti- cal and have little problem telling them what to do. You require an intellectual connection with your lover in addition to the physical one. Where your mind is engaged, your body naturally follows. Friendship and companionship are very important, and keeping a close relationship on an even keel matters a lot more to you than being involved in a wild, passionate love affair.

    You believe in true love and you want a life partner who shares your ideals. T i p s f o r Yo u r I d e a l L o v e r The bright, witty lover who makes you laugh diverts your attention from the responsibilities and concerns of the workaday world. You respond to slow, sensuous foreplay leading to an evening of innovative lovemaking. A skillful erotic massage with aromatic oils relaxes your frayed nerves and puts you in a loving mood. Bet ween the Sheets As open-minded about sex as about everything else, you enjoy experimenta- tion.

    You believe that nothing is too far out as long as it pleases both partners. Still, your sex drive is strong and your adventurous spirit and disregard for convention make you a thrilling bed partner. You like the excitement of trying new positions and inding new places for lovemaking.

    Imaginative role-playing gives you a chance to experiment with innovative ideas. The romantic atmosphere created by beautiful surroundings helps cre- ate an air of romance that turns you on. Not only do you dis- like being alone, you actually feel incomplete without a partner to share your life. Even so, you dislike the idea of being restricted in your movements, and you may resist getting seriously involved for quite a while.

    Your ideal relation- ship merges romance and passion with friendship and intellectual rapport.

    November 8 - Birthday Horoscope Personality

    Bet ween the Sheets In love as in life, you are something of an idealist, yet you can be rather impulsive when someone attracts you. However, once involved, you want to please your mate. You also like a bit of fun between the sheets, and enjoy being with someone who can amuse and stimulate you both mentally and physically. T i p s f o r Yo u r I d e a l L o v e r The preamble to lovemaking is important to you, and a harmonious atmosphere created by beautiful surroundings helps create an air of romance that turns you on. You particularly like being wooed with sensuous foreplay in a romantic set- ting adorned with lowers and scented candles, while music plays softly in the background.

    Moreover, you may feel torn between a love of freedom and the desire for a deeply committed partner- ship. Your mood swings can be extreme and even those closest to you may not be aware of how you really feel. Since your intimate unions tend to be more idealistic than practical, you may spend more time chasing your dreams than actually settling down to a real-life partnership. Bet ween the Sheets There is a secret, mysterious aspect to your character that makes intimacy more dificult than it needs to be.

    Moreover, feelings of being misunderstood can make you wary of the very commitment you seek. In a love union, you can be wildly passionate one day, yet cool and detached the next. In bed and elsewhere, communication is essential for you, and your mate needs to be able to rouse your mind along with your body. T i p s f o r Yo u r I d e a l L o v e r You enjoy the stimulation offered by an uninhibited lover who seduces you out of a dark mood with a combination of humor and daring. Although a perma- nent love relationship may not be at the top of your list of important things, eventually you may have to choose between independence and commitment.

    Once involved with Mr. Your unique planetary influences makes you more shy than any of the Scorpio Decans. While your sensitivity is key to your artistic vision, it also causes you to experience many emotional highs and lows. You are very nurturing to loved ones, but you fear becoming vulnerable to others, which only increases your reserve. Put an effort into opening up to your friends and family, so they will be less taken aback by your dramatic shifts in mood.

    Very few people have the potential of the amazing Scorpios born on November 7.